Gallery - Metropolis 22 Studio, Rotterdam - October 2006

Frankie at the desk, Malka behindColin, Robin & Frankie outside Metropolis 22Colin, Robin & Max about to record handclapsColin recording a vocal on new song *These Days*Metropolis 22 - ExteriorOutside the HotelFrankie locks upFrankie at the deskFrankie at the desk 2FrankieFrankie outside Metropolis 22Malka, Max & Robin on the couchMax & Robin on the couchMaxMax & his car 1 Max & his car 2Max at the kit 1Max at the kit 2Robin 1Robin 2

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Frankie at the desk, Malka behind

Colin Newman

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The 2nd Githead album has been quietly simmerimng since Autumn 2005 and a great deal of work has in fact already been done on it. However we promised ourselves that we would not finish it off until we had the chance to record together in the studio our live sound engineer Frankie Lievaart was building in Rotterdam.
As it was the studio took longer to finish than all had planned for but in October 2006 the studio was ready enough for Githead to be the first ever item to be recorded in the newly christened Metropolis 22

Uncertainty over hand baggage limits at booking time meant that the London contingent came by train (an adventure!) while Max for once was on home turf being able to drive up daily from Amsterdam in the latest of his extremely beaten up Citroen cars (which he nonetheless prefers!)

The sessions turned out to be an unqualified success and everything we had hoped to acheive was acheived and more! Watch this space!