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Githead News - 05.11.09

Dear Githead Fan,

Dear Githead Fan,

Welcome to the latest edition of our occasional, small and perfectly formed newsletter!

Two mail-outs in short order? What going on?? Well we have some useful information to share with you so hope you don't mind the intrusion!


Those of you resident in Britain will know that we have been suffering periodic postal strikes. There will in fact be strikes on both Friday 7th November & Monday 9th November. However we will be taking care of all pre-orders today so if you haven't ordered yet get your order in now! You will of course be eligible for the PRIZE DRAW...


During the coming weekend we will be offering the exclusive chance to preview the whole of Landing on our Radio Player. This is an unprecedented offer to "try before you buy"!


Anyone planning to come to the Scala show on the 26th November should take advantage of the reduced price of £9.00 offer being made by the birthday hosts Toutpartout (our European live agency). Simply e.mail your full name to by the 17th November, turn up at the show & mention guest list and simply pay £9.00. Standard price is £5.00 + booking fee.


If you are new here and want to catch up on past newsletters the Mailing List page is now fully up to date!

See you next time.

Love Githead

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Githead News - 22.10.09

Dear Githead Fan,

Welcome to the latest edition of our occasional, small, perfectly formed and NEW LOOK newsletter!

Not only do we have a new look newsletter but also we have a new album, new dates and other newness to share with you so without further ado..

LANDING (wm43)


Githead proudly present their 3rd album Landing which will be released in the 2nd week of November 09 (which day depends on your country). The band and those that know us well reckon it's the best yet!

Press Release
Landing marks Githead's fourth release (its third album) since its inception in 2004. In a short career that's boasted more 5-star reviews than most bands have had hot dinners, Landing is, without a doubt, Githead's most accomplished recording to date.

For the uninitiated, Githead are Colin Newman (of Wire), Malka Spigel and Max Franken (of Minimal Compact) and Robin Rimbaud (aka Scanner). However, who they are is far less important than what they are. And what they are is a band, rather than a collaboration between four individuals. Githead is a band that has developed incrementally and organically: from the Krautrock-infused roots of its 2004 debut EP, Headgit, through an expansion in style and mood on the first album, Profile (2005), to the self-descriptive Art Pop (2007) -- critically regarded as the band's zenith. Improbably, Landing goes one better.

On Landing, all the familiar components of Githead's distinctive idiom remain in place -- Newman and Rimbaud's minimalist guitar patterns, their supremely catchy melodic sense, Spigel's propulsive bass rumble, Franken's solid, steady drive -- but Landing broadens the band's vocabulary considerably. Adding depth, texture and shading, Landing's ten tracks are somehow simultaneously harder, edgier, more expansive, more organic, more hypnotic.

Crucially, though, while Githead might now be speaking a more sophisticated, nuanced language, they never once lose touch with their essential pop sensibility. It's this unique balance of convention and subtle experimentation that's always distinguished Githead from so many others attempting to plough the same adventurous avant-pop furrow.

You can read lyrics and hear a sample track here and the best is that Landing is available for pre-order from the Swim shop right now!

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Githead News - 10.06.09

Dear Githead Fan

Welcome to the latest edition of our occasional, small, but perfectly formed newsletter. Our numbers continue to swell and once again we'd like to welcome all those who are new here. We've been keeping the news page up to date but have saved the newsletter until we had some proper announcements to make. So without further ado...

2009 tour news

We can now announce Githead's first foray into North America, a short Canadian tour.

26 JUNE: Junction Theatre (Sled Island Festival) Calgary, Canada (all ages)
27 JUNE: Warehouse (Sled Island Festival) Calgary, Canada
29 JUNE: El Mocambo, Toronto, Canada
30 JUNE: Rose Theatre, Brampton, Canada

Dates include two in Calgary at the Sled Island Festival, as part of Colin's guest curatorship of the festival (see below for the news item). The first is an all-ages show at the Junction Theatre alongside The Famines and Indiensoci. The second Calgary date is at Warehouse and features alongside Githead what must undoubtedly be the line-up of the festival: Sub-Linguals, Women, Health and Holy Fuck!
There are a further two dates in the Toronto area, the first of which at the Rose theatre in Brampton will be streamed live. Sign up here to get a ticket.

We can also confirm one date this autumn:

25 SEPTEMBER: Festival L'Ososphere at the Laiterie, Strasbourg, France
We soon expect to be able to announce more dates in September. The gigs page carries links to the venues if you need to know addresses and other information.

Githead's third album

Githead's eagerly awaited follow up to "Art Pop" is now in the final stages of completion. Mixing will continue during the summer with an aim for an autumn release. Upcoming shows will feature a large percentage of the new material, described by those ‘in the know' as yet another big step for the band, featuring, as it does, an increase in intensity with faster tempii, and an approach which is deeper and wider yet more upfront. Intrigued? You certainly should be!

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Githead News - 24.04.07

Dear Githead Fan

Welcome to the latest edition of our occasional small but perfectly formed newsletter, and the one you are waiting for!

Art Pop, our new album, is here and available via posteverything and of course we have a special offer for you!

Meanwhile, you may have noticed that "ART POP" has been getting some very nice reviews over the last few days, here's a small selection for those that haven't seen them -

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Githead News - 05.12.06

Dear Githead Fan

Art Pop Cover

Welcome to the latest edition of our occasional small but perfectly formed newsletter, and only a month and a bit since the last one! What's going on?? Are we crazy or something:)

Well the fact is that things have moved apace since last we spoke and after a furious post Rotterdam mixing spree the 2nd Githead album is complete & even titled. It's called ART POP and the track listing is - On Your Own/ Drop/ Drive By/ Lifeloops/ These Days/ Jet Ear Game/ Space Life/ All Set Up/ Darkest Star/ Rotterdam/Live In Your Head. The album is slated for a March 2007 release. See a cover shot above. However you won't have to wait until March to hear some of it. We are starting to seed tracks in various obvious & not so obvious places. Try checking out & for now but there will be other places and the tracks won't stay for ever...

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