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Githead News - 05.12.06

Dear Githead Fan

Welcome to the latest edition of our occasional small but perfectly formed newsletter, and only a month and a bit since the last one! What's going on?? Are we crazy or something:)

Well the fact is that things have moved apace since last we spoke and after a furious post Rotterdam mixing spree the 2nd Githead album is complete & even titled. It's called ART POP and the track listing is - On Your Own/ Drop/ Drive By/ Lifeloops/ These Days/ Jet Ear Game/ Space Life/ All Set Up/ Darkest Star/ Rotterdam/Live In Your Head. The album is slated for a March 2007 release. See a cover shot above. However you won't have to wait until March to hear some of it. We are starting to seed tracks in various obvious & not so obvious places. Try checking out & for now but there will be other places and the tracks won't stay for ever...

Talking of Myspace, in anticipation of the album being finished Githead have taken up residence in the Githead MySpace where people are already leaving comments on new material which was only put up late last night!

As well as the album in March we are also planning to take advantage of the upgrade that posteverything V2.0 will offer next year in the shape of digital "singles". We haven't yet decided which will be the first one but of course you will be the first to know! Continuing the "products" theme, Headgit is now back in stock at posteverything. Stocks are limited and we suspect they may be the last so if you haven't, do it now or miss out...

Obviously with the album taking up so much focus we've been a bit quiet on the live side but we are definitely going to try to rectify this in 2007. North America is on the agenda for next year, also we have some UK provincial dates under consideration as well as various festivals in Europe. More, of course, will be revealed when we can and as usual you will be the first to know about it! Of course we can only play dates that we are offered so if you think that there is an audience for us where you live get in touch through the feedback form on the website.


Here's some news from the site & posteverything you might have missed.

[GH] November 26, 2006: Fisheye Gits
The latest publication from FISHEYE - RUMBLE IN THE POND features the usual healthy dose of Malka's imagery (under her visual artist guise Maya Newman ) including a lovely wide-angle of Githead & Frankie in Paris and a smoking Gregor Mussa (our 2005 European tour manager) flanked by Colin & Robin. The latter shot is incidentally being used in lomography's publicity for the book.

[PE] December 01, 2006: Colin Newman Interview about Wire, Githead, Swim.
The Music website Music Towers is currently carrying an interview by Ben Osbourne (Noise of Art ,Train) with Colin Newman bout the new Wire 70's live album, the forthcoming Githead 2nd album and his label Swim ~.

See you next time.

Love Githead

Previous Newsletters

Githead News - 21.10.06

Dear Githead Fan

Studio Oct 06

Welcome to the latest edition of our occasional small but perfectly formed newsletter. Occasional? It's been quite a while! Well, we did promise not to spam you!

Firstly - an apology to all of you who have re-subscribed because you thought you'd dropped off the list. In fact in spite of no public band activity over the last year the number of subscribers to this list continues to swell as the number of hits on the website continues to grow on a month by month basis. Someone out there must love us!

OK, enough of the self congratulation, we do actually have some news to impart. We have been beavering away on the, as yet untitled, 2nd album over these past few months and have quite a lot of it already finished - tunes like These Days, Drive By, All Set Up, Jet Ear Game, Drop, Lifeloops and others we don't have final titles yet for will be hopefully brightening your lives in the early part of next year, perhaps earlier...... As part of the process this month we took a very successful trip to our live sound man Frankie Lievaart's new Metropolis 22 studio in Rotterdam for some live recording & additional recording on things we've already worked on. As usual the cameras were out in full and a little gallery page has been added on the site. We are now on to full on mixing to get it all finished! here - Read more.

Love Githead

Githead News - 11.11.05

Dear Githead Fan

Groningen Poster

Welcome to the 4th edition of our newsletter, new bunnies and old lags alike will find within this slim piece of eye candy news, views and gossip direct from Git-HQ.

We are quietly slipping in new content to the downloads section of the site. There is now a video of "My LCA" (directed by Malka) for streaming & download also new wallpapers (actually bearing the correct URL!!) and MP3 are waiting your attention. Keep your eyes peeled also for further MP3s & videos.

The gallery has also received a makeover to accommodate the huge number of pictures from the recent European tour including , of course the many by the now (almost) legendary nightly "audience photographer", a '"responsible looking" person selected at random from the audience to document proceedings with Colin's camera. Many thanks to all those embarrassed (and not so embarrassed!) individuals who have aided Githead in their quest for forensically extensive documentation. We are still receiving submissions of images. If you have some you want to post to us on CD then you can find a postal address here - Read more.

Githead News - 24.07.05

Dear Githead Fan

Paris 34

Welcome to the third edition of our newsletter, something which appears to be coming out with alarming regularity. Surely there can't be more things to say??? It appears there are!

Firstly - a small but significant change - from to - The old addresses still work but the site will now resolve to it's variant whichever address you put in. If you have linked pages to us in the past, please make sure you update them so we can quickly regain premier status on the google listings.

If resetting your bookmark has prompted a trip to the site then you will also be greeted with the big news is that there is going to be a Githead tour in September. While these mere 9 dates may not challenge the earth-striding extravaganzas of others they do represent a significant step for Githead as in a 2 week span we will have more than doubled our gig tally (currently 7)!!
The dates are - Read more.

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