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December 4, 2006: Githead Radio


Tune in to GITHEAD RADIO to preview new tracks from Githead's 2nd Album ART POP. More news to follow....

November 28, 2006: MySpace Gits!!

Githead are currently inhabiting the Githead MySpace which has been excellently supervised by the splendidly named Stan Satin since it was set up last year. Expect a few chamges and keep eys & ears peeled for previews from the new album in this and other expected & unexpected places....

November 26, 2006: Headgit back in stock

A small quantity of Githead's debut EP Headgit has come back into stock at Grab one now if you don't already have it as once they are gone.

November 26, 2006: Fisheye Gits

The latest publication from FISHEYE - RUMBLE IN THE POND features the usual healthy dose of Malka's imagery (under her visual artist guise Maya Newman) including a lovely wide-angle of Githead & Frankie in Paris and a smoking Gregor Mussa (our 2005 European tour manager) flanked by Colin & Robin. The latter shot is incidentally being used in lomography's publicity for the book.

October 21, 2006: New Mailing

The most recent issue of our hightly occasional subscriber mailing went out today. It has been quite a while since we sent one out! Those that are curious what it's all about can check out the back issues here. Meanwhile anyone that has subscribed and didn't get it had better check if their mailboxes are full or that they didn't subscribe under a different address than the one they are currently using. Signing up couldn't be easier, there's a little box to the right of this text just made for it!

October 19, 2006: Studio Gallery on line

In Githead's spirit of photographically documenting all things Git a set of images documenting the recent trip to Rotterdam can be viewed here as part of our growing gallery.

October 15, 2006: New News At Last!

Githead have been quietly beavering away on the 2nd album since last Autumn and this has included a very fruitful visit to live sound man Frank Lievaart's new Rotterdam studio Metropolis 22 during this October. A gallery of pictures will be posted soon. As we approach the final shape of the album expect streaming MP3 previews to appear here and on other sites associated with us. Meanwhile you might like to check out the latest in Colin & Malka's radio show series.

April 15, 2006: Githead on BBC 3!!

Githead's They Are features in episode 5, from series 2, of BBC 3's Flagship comedy series IDEAL. The dark comedy about a luckless drug dealer played by Johnny Vegas is written by Graham Duff (also currently famed for Radio 4's Nebulous) a long time music fan who in a previous existence was the "late night cool tunes dude" on Brighton's now defunct Surf FM.

The episode can be viewed (along side the rest of the series, including the yet to be screened episode 6) from the BBC 3 website. It is compulsive viewing and is highly recommended.

March 19, 2006: Githead on Radio 4!!

Githead have made their debut on Britain's highbrow radio station Radio 4 as part of a documentary on the Lomo camera (responsible for so many of the classic Gihead promo shots, including the one on this page!). The documentary is entitled Shoot from the Hip...The World's Coolest Camera and features Malka speaking about her lomo obsession (under her "Lomo" name of Maya_Newman) soundtracked by My LCA (of course!) The program is streamable from the BBC website for the next week and an extended version is being readied for World Service broadcast.

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