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December 04, 2007: Video interview about Art Pop


The guys from Eastwood guitars were in London at the end of October and passed by "Git HQ" where Colin & Malka were presented with the super Airline guitar & bass you see them tastefully modelling here. In addition the Eastwood crew shot a video interview with C&M about Githead & "Art Pop". It can be viewed on the downloads page of this site.

The curious may also be interested in the recent launches of both and (note spelling) both of which are currently "in development".

November 20, 2007: Githead "Mini Documentary"

Our friend Renate Ziegermann (partner of London based blogger & podcaster The Cartoonist) has edited together a Mini Documentary shot at Bar Music Hall earlier this year and based around the song Profile. It can be downloaded on the downloads page of this site.

October 29, 2007: Athletic Gits!


Our Max and his girlfriend Didi have done us proud (whilst displaying impeccable taste!) running the annual Damloop (Amsterdam to Zandaam) race in their GIT- t-shirts. Whilst we cannot confirm or deny whether this means that we will be official supplier of racewear to next year's marathon season one has to ask the question "what serious althlete would want to be seen strutting his stuff without his or her GIT- shirt?" Best get yours before they run out!

Aug 15, 2007: Githead Downloads on

With the launch of posteverything mkII digital versions of the 3 Githead CD releases Headgit, Profile and Art Pop are now exclusively available to download. Unfortunately we've yet to discover a digital format for making t-shirts available, but we'll let you know when we do :)

Aug 10, 2007: Malka Image in BBC's "Britain in Pictures"

One of Malka's images (of Centrepoint) has been included in the BBC's Britian In Pictures series curated by top TV photographer Tom Ang. The imagage is drawn from the pool uploaded at her enormously popular flickr page which she maintains under her visual artist name Maya Newman.

July 27, 2007: New Video for "Drive By" added

The recently completed video to Drive By has now been added to the downloads page where it joins our growing and increasingly ecclectic set of visual additives to the Githead story.

This particular video is entirely sourced from material shot on cameras & mobile phones (no "proper" video cams involved!) Not only that but members sent in their submissions from their varying locations (many thanks to YouSendIt!) so we have images from Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Brighton, Paris, Rotterdam and probably some other places we've forgotten. This and the video to Drop are also available through YouTube and Last FM so if you want to stick them on your Facebook Super Wall you can!

June 25, 2007: New gig pictures in the Gallery

We've put a few pictures up in the gallery from the recent spate of gigs. If you were at one of the shows, don't be shy about sending us more images to compliment the ones we have already! Meanwhile you might like to check out a couple of flickr pages showing some images from the shows etc. here and here.

May 12, 2007: New additions to downloads page

As previewed in the last newsletter there are now new additions to the downloads page. These include a new Art Pop desktop/ wallpaper, the video to Drop and a "re-imagining" of Githead performing To Have & To Hold at the QEH in March 2005. Enjoy!

May 12, 2007: "Art Pop" now available through Last FM's streaming radio

Art Pop is now available to be streamed in Last FM's streaming player. For those that don't know it, Last FM is is site which tracks an individual's digital music plays (computer or mp3 player) building up a profile of their personal taste. A "radio station" then becomes available based on the taste of those who's taste is similar to your own. The quality is more "radio" than "hi fi" but it can be a good way to discover new music. Art Pop has its own page as does the Last FM Githead group.

March 27, 2007: First Interview about "Art Pop" - 2nd & Final Parts

Parts two & three of the interview with Colin & Malka by London based blogger & podcaster The Cartoonist has now been posted. You can find them here. Those that prefer can also subscribe direct in iTunes. See below for more info.

March 10, 2007: First Interview about "Art Pop"

London based blogger & podcaster The Cartoonist has conducted an interview with Malka & Colin vaguely themed around Githead & the new album ART POP in his The Cartoonist Talks series. The series is in 3 parts with the 2nd & 3rd parts posted in subsequent weeks. Some music from the album is featured. ART POP is also featured in The Wire Magazine's monthly "Office Ambience".

January 22, 2007: New on Githead Radio

The songs have been changed on the GITHEAD RADIO player so it now previews 2 different songs from Githead's 2nd Album ART POP which will be released in Spring 2007.

January 21, 2007: Githead on the Radio

Colin and Malka continue with their monthly radio broadcasts on Tel Aviv student radio network Campus Radio (106 FM & via the internet) in a show on Tuesday 23 January at 8.00 pm local time [6.00 pm GMT - London time]

The show series are themed on the contents of swim studio's collective iTunes and tracks alphabetically through it's contents. You can check out the playlists here.

This month's show features a couple of tracks from Art Pop. [NB this show was recorded in December 2006.] Next month's show will be on the 20th. Feb and will be a 2 hour special live from the studios of 106 FM featuring a goodly selection from Githead's 2nd album.

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