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Nov 28, 2008: Video

Some new videos have been added as streams from the downloads page of this site. They are from performances earlier this year at the Mains d'Oeuvre in Paris and were shot by an audience member and posted on their YouTube page.

In addition some rarely seen classic videos from Githead members have now been posted on the Headgit You Tube page these include Immersion Live At the Royal Festival Hall.

Oct 02, 2008: Dates

After a summer in which all Githead members have played significant shows with their other projects. We can now announce some new Githead dates. The first at the Arnolfini in Bristol is another in our occasional "Art Git" series designed for Musuems, Galleries & other unconventional spaces. The show will followed "gallery style" by an "informal discussion" with music writer Mike Barnes.

Both this and the more conventional club show at Barzilai in Tel Aviv will feature new material following a furious writing spell in August and some "stage 2" recording in Rotterdam in September.

Sept 27, 2008: New Shop

Following the unfortunate demise of Posteverything earlier this year we can now announce that our mail order & digital services are now being handled by the new Githead Mail Order Shop. Currently Art Pop and Profile are available on CD & in digital formats (including lossless FLAC) with Headgit, which is out of stock on CD, is available in digital formats. We expect t-shirts to be added soon. All purchasers of eoither CD album will get a copy of Free Git.

A Swim shop will be launched later this year with a re-vamped website.

May 27, 2008: Art Gits Rule (pt.2)

Art Git 2

Those of you who follow the BBC comedy series "Ideal" may have been somewhat surprised to see the character Brian (played by Graham Duff who also writes the series) sporting an "Art Git" t-shirt during the episode broadcast last night (26.05.08). The plot is way too complex to to explain to the unfamiliar but the circumstances of the shirt wearing revolved around the fact that Brian has a new boyfriend (played by Stereonation collaborater Malcom Boyle) who runs a kind of art gallery.

This is in fact not the first Githead reference in "Ideal" as our music has been featured in past episodes. The show, now in it's 4th series, makes a feature of using interesting, non-mainstream music in line with it's creator's ecclectic music taste. It goes without saying that "Ideal" is required viewing at Git HQ!

May 27, 2008: Art Gits Rule (pt.1)

Art Git 1

Githead fan William Fellows-Jensen sent in to Githead HQ his company's otherwise somewhat dull annual report. Turning to page 25 we were somewhat amused to discover that amongst the 54 co-workers depicted only William had the good sense to make the right fashion choice!

May 18, 2008: New Live Video

A new live video has been added to the downloads page. It's a version of Live In Your Head from 4AD in Disksmuide, Belgium (Feb 7th 2008). The entire set was filmed by the club themselves and presented to us after our return. We may well be posting more live video in the coming weeks so look out!

March 20, 2008: Our Famous Photographer


Malka's photographic alter ego Maya Newman is getting quite a bit of online action this week. She has been made an "expert" at the website of Channel 4's Picture This photography program. Her technique concerning "Forgetting the Rules of Photography" can be found here.
Meanwhile the highly respected and popular flickr group The World Through My Eyes has made her this week's Featured Photographer dubbing her the Lomo Queen of flickr! She's also geeting featured on blogs not related to photography like the influential which picked up on a post by The Cartoonist.
Meanwhile now features a link to her Flickr River which generates a scrolling gallery of her work generated from her flickr pages. The web app is designed by Alex Sirota the man behind FoxyTunes.

March 02, 2008: Become a "fan" of Githead on Facebook

Today we have launched Githead's "band" page on facebook. Please feel free to become a fan and give us your feedback! You can also post any pictures you have taken at gigs and see what others have posted. See you there!!

January 07, 2008: C+M Radio show syndication

Colin & Malka's occasional radio show series is now being incrementally added at Barcelona's award winning (and amusingly named in a Githead context) Scanner FM. To save confusion to non-Spanish speakers the shows (in podcast format) are being linked right off the front page of the station. The playlists for the first 2 shows can be found here here and here.

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