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Landing press

Landing is unquestionably their most compelling album so far

- Wilson Neate, Blurt

Githead's new album is a Quietus favourite of 2009

- Luke Turner, The Quietus

Landing isn't just a good record, it's an exciting record.

- Mario Aguilar, Soma

Few bands are able to wrap up such a complex enigma in such a beautiful, infectious package.

- Creaig Dunton, Brainwashed

The chemistry between Spigel's buoyant bass and Rimbaud and Newman's guitars is potent.

- Mike Barnes, Mojo

The ability to move away from being merely the sum of their parts to being a cohesive, distinctive and good band is not only commendable, it has led to a bloody good album.

- Alex Baker, Subba Cultcha

Possessing a great sense of purpose and showing no little muscle, this is a very fine LP indeed.

- Richard Foster, Incendiary Mag

Githead's 3rd album finds them building on 2007's Art Pop to deliver another accomplished set of seductive, Krautrock-imbued art rock.

- Phil Mongredien, Q

Landing may take a number of listens to begin to sink in, but when it does, it stays with you

- Mason Jones, Dusted

The 'stuff' that comprises Landing is generally of the top shelf variety

- Andrzej Lukowski, BBC Music

Landing is the true crystallization of the collected talents as a band and it really shows

- John Foster, Brightest Young Things

Landing is about the pure pleasure of marrying steady rhythms to layers of distorted guitar and synthesizer. And that pleasure conveys

- Noel Murray, A.V. Club

Art Pop press

Simultaneously brooding, lush, aggressive and lyrical, this is a reclamation of pop and rock music at their most atmospheric and beguiling.

- Michael Bracewell, The WIRE Magazine

Newman seems to have relocated the combination of sardonic intellectual wit and winning pop song craft that made Wire such an engaging (and influential) post punk prospect. *****

- Andy Gill, The Independent

Art Pop is a finely balanced record that seamlessly fuses familiarity and inventiveness.

- Wilson Neate, All Music Guide

the band combine postmodern lyrics with snarling, melodic funk-grind to put the modern art back into Art Pop

- J R, Flavourpill

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Profile press

Profile is the album of the year so far. Genius.

- Dean Thatcher, DMC Update

Profile is a more fully realized exploration of the interface between organic and electronic musics that shows Githead expanding its range and developing a distinctive sound... It's catchy without being vacuous, intelligent without being too clever for its own good.

- Wilson Neate, Trouser Press

What you get here though is a set of songs that simply demand to be played to death. And the more you play it, the more you love it! A great album.

- Andrew Cowen, Birmingham Post

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Headgit press

Offers us one of the loveliest surprises to come from any new wave 'survivors' in a long time.

- Sgt. Kabuki, Voxer magazine

This is a beguiling debut: these guys ain't gits, let 'em into your headspace.

- Ben Murphy, DJ magazine

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