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Githead 24/09/05 - Brussels


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The show at the Botanique in Brussels turned out to be one of the highlights of the tour. The rotunda is a small circular theatre (where both Colin & Malka and Scanner have played previously) and boasted the most knowledgeable (about Githead) crowd of the tour. The audienced seemed to know every song and some were singing along. Not bad for only the 14th ever Githead show!

We were able to document an amusing feature of the welcome in some of the tour's hotels. Rooms reserved under the name of "githead" should of course welcome "Mr. Githead"

Many thanks to Gregor Mussa who not only drove us in a sterling manner but also took many shots during his stay with us, including all of the live shots from this show. We said goodbye (although we hope it's "au revoir") the folowing morning.