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Githead 25/09/05 - Dublin

Sugar Club

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Githead's most westerly show to date was in the Sugar Club in Dublin. Promoter John O'Neil specialises in bringing off-mainstream and new artists to the City (as can be seen by the Githead poster sharing "cupboard space" in his kitchen with Selfish Cunt). The audience were warm but surprisinmgly reserved although proceedings were considerably enlivened by the audience photographer (a "well fed" young American) who entertained us all by getting into the most absurd poses to get his shots (including lying on his back!)

The jolities continued when the audience, timid about wheyther asking for an encore was "appropriate" went completely bonkers as Robin put his leg round the stage door!

Many thanks to Fergus Kelly for sending in a CD of shots to Git-HQ after the tour

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