Press - Headgit

The closest I can get on this brilliant six-track EP would be in Wire's 1980s rebirth on albums such as A Bell Is A Cup or IBTABA, wherein precise but melodically-rhythmic but still 'Drill'-ing guitar riffs chimed along with typically deadpan vocals from Newman. Combined with thick beats, Rimbaud's guitar textures and Spigel's churning, funky, basslines, the result is a new strand of innovative, digitally-enhanced rock.

- Mat Smith, Documentary Evidence

Newman's on-the-side vitality hasn't dimmed a bit, as this latest EP amply proves... a project I wouldn't mind hearing a full-length album from, if the participants are so inclined.

- Joe Tangari, Pitchfork Media

Offers us one of the loveliest surprises to come from any new wave 'survivors' in a long time. Both sober and concise, this mini album once again displays the kind of pop simplicity that graced Colin Newman's solo albums (Commercial Suicide or A-Z) without resorting to gratuitous nostalgia. In short, the fly is back in the ointment.

- Sgt. Kabuki, Voxer magazine

This is a beguiling debut: these guys ain't gits, let 'em into your headspace.

- Ben Murphy, DJ magazine

Unusually accessible, even funky... To Have And To Hold and Profile summoning echoes of the industrial dub grooves of PiL's Metal Box... On Reset, the result has the same texture and simplicity, as Neu!'s majestic motorik exercise E-Musik.

- Andy Gill, The Independent

Cult classic of tomorrow.

- Q Magazine



When they're good—as on Reset and Profile—they're astonishingly good, both angular & polished.

- James Snodgrass, NME

Headgit is primarily intended as a 'taster' for an album scheduled for early 2005. Whatever—it's more than strong enough to stand on its own. Although Newman's deadpan vocal style and recognisable guitar sound recall Wire, Headgit is more playful than the parent group's recent album, Send. It sounds brighter and more relaxed.

-Mia Clarke, The WIRE Magazine

Six near-perfect slices of pulsating, rhythmic music that burrow deep into your consciousness, keeping you hooked throughout, but still providing enough depth for the EP to hold up during heavy rotation.

- Craig Grannell, Wireviews