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Githead are a hipper than thou super group comprising Robin Rimbaud from Scanner, Colin Newman from Wire and Malka Spigel from Minimal Compact. What sounds quite serious on paper translates to accessible but unusual music. The key to all this is Malka Spigel's basslines, which undulate with a strange sonorous funk that invokes Jah Wobble at his best. The guitars of Wire are also conjured up, but with a more melodious tint. Cosmology For Beginners is as spacey as it sounds, and the whole album hums with a weird punk-funk that seems to inhabit a dimension slightly different to our own.

- Ben Murphy, DJ magazine

their Profile album is as uplifting a soundtrack for the summer as you could hope to find

- Billy Hell, Flux

Arrangements that pit Newman and Rimbaud's guitars in combinations of jangly arpeggios, sheets of distortion, choppy rhythm licks and steely lead lines, all anchored by Spigel's loping Wobble-esque dub basslines and at times brutal drum-machine beats. The results cohere into a sonic juggernaut.

- Andy Gill, The Independent

This album finds the band making something of a quantum leap, especially in the manner in which the music is delivered... It's as if the band is its own entity and it's somehow grown up. While Profile is hardly the most deadly serious of records, it's certainly more mature than the band's debut: the arrangements are tighter, the mix is better, and the continually weaving mesh of instruments weaves its way further into your brain.

- Craig Grannell, Wireviews

their Profile album is as uplifting a soundtrack for the summer as you could hope to find

- Billy Hell, Flux

An intriguingly patterned body of work, with it's ambient spread of PiL-like sparse rhythms, tightly wound electronica and abrasive pop.

- Mia Clarke, The WIRE Magazine

This first effort as a quartet proves to be at once a captivating and enduring piece of work. There is a great deal of trust and respect between the four members of Githead, and it transpires all the way through Profile. Although undeniably rooted in the past, this album is fresh and clever, and feels perfectly of its time.

- The MilkFactory

Githead, Colin Newman's new project, is a logical extension of his old group's cryptic post-punk; aided by Scanner's Robin Rimbaud, who swaps his silicon chips for six-strings, Newman delivers a churning, mature work that makes Bloc Party look more like a slumber party.

- Heller, Denver Westword

Not just for fans of Newman's former band, Profile is an engrosing and highly listenable work.

- [DB], Is This Music?



On paper this (collaboration) shouldn't work but all that that changes once you play Profile. because the sound of Githead ranges from bloody exciting (opener Alpha), to smooth and funky (My LCA, They Are) to distinctly sultry (Raining Down) and is all in all surprisingly melodic.

- mdj, Humo (Belgium)

This first collection of immediate classics conceals treasures of melodic grace and sharply cut efficiency.

- Nicolas Julliard, Le Temps (Switzerland)

Robin Rimbaud (Scanner), Colin Newman (Wire) and Malka Spigel (Minimal Compact) make a debut with a first album so modern that it's scary.

- David Saavedra, El Mundo (Spain)

In Githead, the collective intelligence exceedes the sum of the individuals. A superb example of longevity and musical constancy

- Alexandre Cognard, Magic! (France)