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Latest Art Pop press

Simultaneously brooding, lush, aggressive and lyrical, this is a reclamation of pop and rock music at their most atmospheric and beguiling.

- Michael Bracewell, The WIRE Magazine

Newman seems to have relocated the combination of sardonic intellectual wit and winning pop song craft that made Wire such an engaging (and influential) post punk prospect. *****

- Andy Gill, The Independent

Art Pop is a finely balanced record that seamlessly fuses familiarity and inventiveness.

- Wilson Neate, All Music Guide

the band combine postmodern lyrics with snarling, melodic funk-grind to put the modern art back into Art Pop

- J R, Flavourpill

Another expertly skewed missive from a paralell pop dimension

- James Papademetrie, Plan B

Of course Wire fanatics and those who have continuously followed Newman's solo career will enjoy Art Pop, but additionally it has the potential to reach entirely new audiences as previously mentioned. Finally, Githead has made good on its promise with this essential release.

- Gary Suarez, Brainwashed

a deeply textural, and multi-dimensional sound that is nearly impossible to pinpoint on a timescale and surprisingly unpredictable. It's pop-rock, but refined, elaborate and imaginative.

- Michael Ardaiolo, Audiversity

Art Pop is arguably one of the best albums of 2007 yet. At times reminiscent of the smart pop of Peter Gabriel and the guitar swirls of My Bloody Valentine (oh yeah, and Wire. It sounds like Wire sometimes too, if you didn't know), Githead is atmospherically blissful and sonically delicious and/or nutritious. 5/5

- Joe Pelone, Wonka vision

Newman unblinkingly looking to the future and thinking at least two steps ahead of the rest of the musical world.

- Bob Ham, Amplifier

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Profile press

Profile is the album of the year so far. Genius.

- Dean Thatcher, DMC Update

Profile is a more fully realized exploration of the interface between organic and electronic musics that shows Githead expanding its range and developing a distinctive sound... It's catchy without being vacuous, intelligent without being too clever for its own good.

- Wilson Neate, Trouser Press

What you get here though is a set of songs that simply demand to be played to death. And the more you play it, the more you love it! A great album.

- Andrew Cowen, Birmingham Post

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Headgit press

Offers us one of the loveliest surprises to come from any new wave 'survivors' in a long time.

- Sgt. Kabuki, Voxer magazine

This is a beguiling debut: these guys ain't gits, let 'em into your headspace.

- Ben Murphy, DJ magazine

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Latest live review

What surprised me most about Githead was how light hearted they were. Sure their name should hint at some sort of humour but their studio work has a seriousness about it that made me imagine four people on stage staring at their shoes. Thankfully what I found was a friendly, funny band that interacted warmly with the slightly anaemic looking audience.

Live gig photo

Photo: James Baker - Dublin

The underground supergroup (consisting of Wire's Colin Newman and Robin Rimbaud a.k.a. Scanner on guitars and Malka Spigel and Max Franken from Minimal Compact on bass and drums respectively) is on their longest tour yet with a stint around Europe....

Githead launched into the instrumental track "Antiphon" from their Profile album. Spigel's bass was the most prominent part of this song and indeed most of the set. Her tight, fluid playing drove the band all evening, except for "My LCA (Little Box of Magic)" where Newman played bass and Spigel took to the mic and guitar. Counter to this strong bass presence, both Newman and Rimbaud set up a rhythmical shimmer of guitar. At times their playing blended together as they weaved in and out of each others' riffs. Rimbaud looked very comfortable with his instrument considering he's best known for twiddling knobs. In fact, the highlight of my evening was his playing during the final song "Raining Down" (another Spigel vocal moment) where not only did it sound good but the poses he pulled were very entertaining. Another memorable moment was "To Have and To Hold," which sounds tremendous live. Newman's whispered vocals were just audible enough over the band. The addition of Franken's live drumming to the pre-recorded drum machine beat fleshed the track out into a truly memorable performance.

With any luck Githead will make a return to Irish shores sometime soon.

Taken from a review of the performance at the Sugar Club in Dublin on 28 September 2005 by John Kealy on

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